Information you need to know


How Does this work ?

Lead time - Please make sure you book at least 4 weeks prior to a yearbook deadline or make special arrangements with Mark prior to your shoot !


Make sure your outfits are clean and pressed. Major clothing edits are not included due to stains, major wrinkles, rips, ect… Yes this happens a lot.

Take full length photos of your outfits outdoors with a cell phone to make sure its the look you want. Pay close attention to how the outfit hangs and moves on you.

Suntanning - Avoid overexposure to the sun at least a few days prior to your shoot. Do not tan in the days leading up to your shoot. I will recommend a re schedule if your skin tones are to red due to over tanning or overexpose to the sun.

Make up - Mainly for the ladies

Light and natural - make up should be done in window light to simulate outdoor lighting. Face powder should be brought along to minimize shine as we shoot. We do recommend seeing a professional make up artist who understands outdoor make up coloring.


I cannot stress enough to make sure your hair style is what you want!

Do not leave your Salon or hair professional unless you are 100% happy with the look.

At the shoot -

Your nerves will quickly go away as Mark works with you to get the best poses, looks, smiles ect…( he will even show you how to pose, which is pretty funny, but effective ) We will check the images in camera as we go to make sure we have the look we want.

A Parent or a legal guardian is required at the shoot unless written permission is obtained from the parent and agreed upon prior.

After the shoot I will choose the best images and fully edit those images including skin perfecting and minor clothes edits. Those images will become your gallery. The gallery is where you can order prints, wall art, digital downloads and packages. You will receive an email with a link to your gallery.

How big is my gallery and how long does it take

Generally about two to three weeks after your shoot until your images are ready and loaded into your gallery.

Each Package has a minimum number of images that I will produce for you. Do not assume all poses and looks will make it to your gallery. I ensure only the highest quality images are selected for your gallery.

Set up your reveal

We know seeing your images and looking at your package options is the best part ! Set up an office visit and will will walk through your images and pick the best ones for your package. You will also get an online like to keep viewing your images at home !

Do I get prints with any package ?

Since everyone wants something different - we include a print credit in lue of prints , to be used on any print product, discounted packages, and downloads. Print credit codes are used at checkout when ordering from your gallery.

Wall Art

There are so many really cool products that just need a more personal touch then online ordering. New fine Art Canvas, Acrylics, Metal prints are some of the coolest new products that can be custom designed and shared virtually so you can see how it looks on a wall. Multi window mat prints, storyboard, ect can all be designed, framed and shipped directly to you. Just contact Mark to set up a meeting to talk about your vision and what options you have. Have Print credit money ? you can apply it to these products also.

What is Social media versions ?

Social media versions are included in almost all packages. This allows you to download social media versions of your images. These images can be freely shared across all social media platforms with a photo credit to Mark Malec Photography. A print credit also comes with the package to order professional lab quality prints directly from your gallery . So you get the best of both worlds. No print quality digital ownership unless purchased separate.

What is a print credit?

A print credit is just like a gift card - You will get a code to be used at checkout when ordering.

What is the Digital downloads

All the images in your gallery can be purchased as a downloaded for personal use, printing with another lab, i.e. Shutterfly. You can also use your print credit for Digital purchases.

Print Quality Guarantee

Only prints ordered through Mark Malec Photography are guaranteed for print quality. We will re print and re order any images you feel did not print with high quality. If you use purchased digital files and send them to a local printer ( Wal Mart, Walgreens ect) your image quality, color accuracy, and paper quality will simply be inferior and not covered by any guarantee’s . Spending all this money to produce exceptional images , just to print them with cheapest and lowest quality printer doesn’t make sense.

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